umrah (عمره)
Pronunciation of name umrah

Name UMRAH (عمره) meaning in Arabic & English

  • It's an Arabic name for girls and less commonly for boys that means minor pilgrimage, when Muslims perform the pilgrimage to Mecca during a time of the year other than the Hajj season. Its literal meaning is overhaul, restoration, revival. (إنه اسم عربي للفتيات وأقل شيوعًا بالنسبة للأولاد ، وهذا يعني الحج الصغير ، عندما يؤدي المسلمون فريضة الحج إلى مكة في وقت من العام غير موسم الحج. )
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Numerology number of name UMRAH (عمره) is 9

This is the most accurate and ancient alphabet's number numerology system developed by Chaldean and inspired from Indian Vedic numerology. Another numerology system is Pythagoras. In the Chaldean name numerology, the most popular or well-known names to predict name numbers and Pythagorean Numerology uses birth or legal names to predict name numerology.