Top 10 Popular Arabic Names for Boys and Girls

Top 10 Popular Arabic Names for Boys and Girls

Welcome to our blog featuring the top 10 popular Arabic names for boys and girls!

Naming your child is a joyous and meaningful experience, and we understand the importance of finding a name that reflects your culture, heritage, and personal preferences. In this comprehensive list, we have carefully selected a diverse range of Popular Arabic Names that have captivated parents around the world. These names carry a rich history, deep-rooted traditions, and a timeless appeal. Whether you are seeking a name for your baby boy or girl, this collection offers a variety of options that exude beauty, elegance, and strength. So, let’s delve into the enchanting world of Popular Arabic Names and discover the perfect name for your precious bundle of joy.

Arabic names have become much more popular and widely used during the past few decades. Arabic roots are frequently found in Muslim names.

1. Muhammad

Popular Arabic Names

Muhammad is a boy’s name with Arabic roots. This name has solidified its reputation as the most popular worldwide and has become truly legendary. It is estimated that 150 million people use the name Muhammad globally, and that figure is steadily rising. It makes sense why this name has remained so popular over the years. The Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, is referenced by the name Muhammad, which means “praiseworthy.” Muslims who commemorate their dedication to their faith by giving their loved ones this name can consider it with veneration. In addition to its religious significance, Muhammad is an iconic name. It has a timeless elegance and a sense of style.

2. Amir

Amir is a distinguished name that is well-known and persistently well-liked among Muslims all over the world. Amir is a masculine Arabic name that means “prince.” This regal boy’s name, which has Urdu and Hebrew origins and means “treetop,” also goes by the spelling Emir. Its meaning shifted from “commander of the army” to “prince” previously, and it was usually given to a ruler’s son.

3. Dilawar

Popular Arabic Names

Dilawar is a well-liked Muslim baby name that parents regularly select. Dilawar means “brave” in Arabic. In Urdu, Dilawar’s name signifies “courage and power.” People with the last name Dilawar have attained international recognition. Bloodstone is the lucky stone for people with the name Dilawar, while bronze is their fortunate metal.

4. Faisal

If Faisal is a baby boy, he will undoubtedly really like to be in the top position. The meanings of this name, a variation of Faysal, are “resolute” or “judgment,” two qualities that children should acquire before they become leaders or emperors.

5. Dulamah

Dulamah is the name of an Islamic boy. Dulamah, which means “tall and dark” in Arabic, The person known as Dulamah is determined and accomplished.

6. Nasirah

Popular Arabic Names for Boys

Nasirah is a Muslim boy’s name that refers to “helper,” “savior,” and “a companion of Prophet Muhammad.” In many nations, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Pakistan, and India, Nasirah is a very trending and in-demand name.

7. Yaseen

Yaseen is a spelling variant of the Arabic names Yasin, Yassin, Yassine, and Yacine. In the Muslim and Arab worlds, it is a surname and a gender-neutral given name with Arabic roots that are widely used. Ya-Sin is the name of a chapter (surah) in the Quran. It is a phrase used to disparage Muhammad.

8. Zakir

Zakir is a Muslim boy’s name. The name Zakir means “grateful, observant, one who honors Allah.” It has several different Islamic meanings. The name has an Arabic etymology.

9. Zeyad

Zeyad is a boy’s name that is primarily used by Muslims and has Arabic roots. Zeyad symbolizes “prince,” which is Arabic for “truth, harmony, and sincerity.”

10. Makbul

Maqbool means “renowned, recognized, popular, accepted, admitted, received, pleasant, pleased” in English. The name Maqbool has Arabic roots. The lucky colors for Maqbool are blue, violet, and black.

Arabic female names are often used by parents of both Arabic and non-Arabic parents. Names like Aaliyah and Layla have become increasingly popular in several Western countries.

1. Aaliyah

Aaliyah is the only name that suits the adorable baby with a tinge of magnificence. The meanings of the female given name Aaliyah, which is of Arabic origin, are “rising, tall,” and “highborn, elevated, glorious.” These implications make it a significant and spiritual option for a newborn, especially for Muslim baby girls. The name is usually associated with the American singer Aaliyah, dubbed the “Princess of R&B.”

2. Nabila

The Arabic origins of the female given name Nabila In Arabic-speaking countries, females prefer names that mean “noble” or “good.” It is also the feminine equivalent of Nabil, or Nabeel, a boy’s name with a similar meaning. By naming a child Nabila, one can commemorate a dear one while encouraging them to achieve their treasured life objectives.

3. Fatima

The Arabic name Fatima is commonly given to Muslim women. The Koran describes Fatima, whose name means “enchanting,” as the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. She is one of the four “ideal” women listed in the Koran.

4. Naima

 The Arabic word for “pleasure, satisfaction, or tranquility” is Naima. This name is given to the girl who enjoys convenience. The name is popular throughout Africa. The name can also be spelled Naeema or Naimah.

5. Najwa

Muslim baby names with the meaning “Najwa” include a private discussion. Secret interactions about relationship conversations

6. Layla

Layla is a significant Arabic name with several connotations. The name is often translated from Arabic as “night” or “dark.” It is believed that this typically feminine name, which also means “night” or “dark,” has Hebrew roots.

Layla is a popular name for newborn girls to represent their birth time: nighttime births. Another possible interpretation of the name is “black beauty.” One of the first appearances of the name can be found in the Arabian mythology of Qays and Layla.

7. Nainza

The Muslim name Nainza means “Two Eyes.” Therefore, you can name your daughter Nainza if she has a pair of gorgeous eyes.

8. Rajeeyah

The Arabic name Rajeeyah means “one who is full of hope.” They are a leader looking for possibilities who is ambitious and dedicated. This character embodies a tremendous amount of loyalty and honesty. They are a trustworthy friend who does business in a fair and just manner.

9. Rahima

Rahima is an Arabic girl’s name that means “compassionate, gentle, and sympathetic.” Rahim, one of the names of Allah in Islam, is the male version.

10. Zikra

Zikra is an Arabic name that means “remembrance,” “mind,” “observance,” or “sentiments of the earlier days.”


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