10 Arabic Baby Names for Prince: Perfect for Your Little King

10 Arabic Baby Names for Prince: Perfect for Your Little King

Arabic Baby Names for Prince: A Royal and Meaningful Choice

Are you looking for a regal and meaningful name for your baby boy?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 beautiful Arabic names that mean “prince.” These names are full of meaning and history, and they can be a wonderful way to express your love for your child and honor their unique connection to royalty.

Here are some of the qualities that are often associated with Arabic names that mean “prince”:

  • Strength: These names often evoke images of strength and power.
  • Courage: These names are often associated with bravery and determination.
  • Leadership: These names are often seen as a symbol of authority and wisdom.

From Amir, the little leader in the making, to Sultan, the ruler with authority and grace, these names resonate with a sense of grandeur and promise. They represent a legacy of greatness, offering a glimpse into the potential your child possesses to stand tall and command respect, just like the princes of old.

Are you ready to find the right Arabic name meaning “prince”?

Then let’s get started!

Royal Babies: 20 Arabic Baby Names for Prince

Amir (أمير) – Prince or leader, commonly used to signify a male ruler or commander

Meaning “Prince,” Amir embodies natural leadership qualities and charisma. Your little Amir is destined to achieve greatness, guiding and commanding those around him with confidence and charm.

Aziz (عزيز) – Noble or esteemed, representing a prince with high status

Exuding nobility and esteem, Aziz is the perfect name for a little prince admired for his exceptional qualities and esteemed character. His regal aura and charming personality will make him stand out wherever he goes.

Badr (بدر) – Full moon or bright, signifying a prince with a shining personality

Just like the radiant full moon, Badr’s bright and charismatic personality shines through. This name reflects bravery and chivalry, making him ready to conquer the world with his light.

Fares (فارس) – Prince or knight, symbolizing bravery and chivalry

Meet Fares, the courageous little knight and prince. With a heart full of bravery and chivalry, Fares is always ready to protect and inspire those around him to be their best selves.

Hamza (حمزة) – Lion or strong, suggesting a prince with courage and strength

Hamza, meaning “Lion,” is perfect for a brave and strong little prince. Just like a lion protecting his kingdom, Hamza’s courage and fearlessness will make him a true leader among his peers.

Malik (ملك) – King or ruler, also used to refer to a prince as a future ruler

Destined for leadership, Malik means “King” or “ruler.” With a regal presence and sense of authority, your little Malik will guide others with wisdom and grace.

Raees (رئيس) – Prince or chief, suggesting someone in a leadership position

Raees, meaning “Prince” or “chief,” stands out as a natural leader. His wise heart and ability to make thoughtful decisions will make him a guiding light for his loved ones.

Shahzad (شهزاد) – Prince or son of a king, indicating royal lineage

With royal roots, Shahzad signifies “Prince” or “son of a king,” symbolizing greatness and promise. Embrace the regal charm and potential for greatness in your little Shahzad.

Sultan (سلطان) – Sovereign or ruler, used for a prince who is next in line for the throne

Sultan, meaning “Sovereign” or “ruler,” embodies authority and grace. Your little Sultan is born to lead with confidence and respect, commanding attention wherever he goes.

Zaki (زكي) – Pure or virtuous, implying a prince with a good character

Zaki, meaning “Pure” or “virtuous,” reflects admirable character and a kind soul. Your little Zaki will be a beacon of light, spreading joy and positivity wherever he goes.

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