Discover the 5 Amazing Reasons Why Arabic Names Are So Special?

Discover the 5 Amazing Reasons Why Arabic Names Are So Special?

Why Arabic Names Are So Special? Exploring the Rich Cultural and Historical Significance

Arabic culture is special in a lot of senses. For example, this is the first culture to exist in this world. Therefore, many things in the Arabic culture are different from any other culture. This is one of the main reasons why Arabic culture is considered a special culture.

If you have read articles about Arabic names and naming patterns, you might have noticed that the Arabic culture is the only culture that pays respect to its ancestors and forefathers through the name. Other than that, there are also several other reasons why Arabic names are considered as special as the Arabic culture.

Why Arabic Names Are So Special: Uncovering the Significance Behind These Distinctive Names

1. Long Naming System

One of the major specialties of Arabic names is that they are very long. This is because Arabic names have always been based on a long naming system. Besides, the Arabic names include five parts rather than the regular ones originating from any other culture.

Besides, the Arabic names also consist of the names of Arabic forefathers and ancestors. 

Why Arabic Names Are So Special

All these factors make the Arabic naming system completely different and unique from any other name. 

Furthermore, the Arabic naming system also consists of five parts, which is also one of the main reasons these names are so long and different from any other. None of the other cultures have such a long naming system. Therefore, this is one major factor that sets the Arabic naming system apart.

2. Females not changing their surname after marriage

Another thing that sets the Arabic naming system apart from any other is that the women in the Arabic culture do not have to change their surname even after marriage. Instead of taking their husband’s surname, they keep their father’s surname even after marriage. However, this system or rule does not exist in any other culture. 

This system shows how their parent’s surnames can still be known to the females in Arabic society even after going to their husbands’ families. However, in any other culture or society, females changing their surnames from their family surname to their husband’s family surname is one of the essential rituals after marriage. 

Females not changing their surnames after marriage in Arabic society has set an exam about how women’s true identity should be kept alive even after marriage. Therefore, this is also one factor that makes Arabic names so special.

3. Patriotism towards mythology

For the Arabic people, their mythology stays at its peak. Besides, the Arabics are so patriotic towards the mythological characters that they choose many names concerning the names of those characters.

Furthermore, Arabic mythology is also famous worldwide as the mythological characters have made a huge impact on the lifestyle of people all over the world. Therefore, people from several other cultures also tend to give their children names originating from Arabic mythology.

There were also rumors that Arabic mythology and history had numerous tales about ghosts, magic lamps, and flying carpets. Additionally, the Kaaba of Mecca, the actual center of Islam before it spread across the Arabian Peninsula in 622, was covered in images of the numerous devils, djinn, demigods, and other strange creatures that represented the intensely polytheistic environment of pre-Islamic Ancient Arabia.

This variety points to a broad framework in which mythology could flourish. Arabic mythology and culture are both extremely diversified. The best and most distinctive names are found in Arabic, which inspires the world. Some popular Arabic mythological characters are Aladdin, NasNas, The Roc, Werehyena, and Dendan. 

4. Using Grammar and Language

Language and Grammar also play an important role in making Arabic names unique and special. Unfortunately, most Arabic names do not have the same Grammar used in any western or eastern names. Therefore, for non-Arabic people, Arabic names are hard to understand and pronounce.

Arabic names are difficult to spell, and grammatical mistakes are very likely. Furthermore, the meaning of a term in Arabic could differ from its meaning in English or any other language. Additionally, certain Arabic names employ alphabets differently, making it challenging to shout out or recognize the names.

5. Urbanization in the Western Society

Western society has been highly urbanized, and their names are also getting urbanized and shortened. So people in western society have started using names like Rex, Carl, etc., which have no significance regarding their history.

However, in the Arabic culture, they still use the same old names, which consist of long naming processes and a five-part naming protocol. Therefore, Arabic culture has set an example of how someone’s name can pay tribute to the ancestors and also help to keep the culture alive and followed throughout the world. 

Why Arabic Names Are So Special

In other cultures, people are embarrassed about the names that originate from their religion and culture. However, the Arabic people still have longer names directly originating from their religion and cultural background.

Arabic society has certainly been highly advanced when it comes to scientific inventions, but when it comes to their religion and culture, they are still very devoted. This is also one of the reasons why Arabic culture is special. The original Arabic names and other names so varied greatly from one another. In addition, Arabic society is far more tied to its past and history than in the west.


The dedication that individuals should have to their religion and culture is best exemplified by Arabic society. It also implies that people should constantly remember their mythology and history regardless of how advanced civilization becomes. 

But regrettably, Arabic people are also drawn to western names as western and urban societies develop. This is unfortunate news because, if this trend continues, future generations will not understand the importance of Arabic history and mythology.

Most individuals attempt to settle in the USA or Australia, which greatly favors the western name convention over Arabic. However, many Arabic people today use western names because they follow trends and believe in doing so. 

As a result, Arabic people have not left their religion and culture behind in the name of urbanization and civilization, which makes the Arabic people keep the names that originated from their history and culture.

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