Ocean Babies: 10 Arabic Baby Names for Ocean

Ocean Babies: 10 Arabic Baby Names for Ocean

Arabic Baby Names for Ocean: A Refreshing and Meaningful Choice

Looking for an ocean-inspired name for your baby?

Arabic names that mean “ocean” are full of beauty and meaning. They can be a wonderful way to express your love for your child and honor their unique connection to the ocean.

These names are often associated with positive qualities such as vastness, mystery, and power. They can also be a source of inspiration for your child throughout their life.

Here are some of the qualities that are often associated with Arabic names that mean “ocean”:

  • Vastness: These names often evoke images of vastness and eternity.
  • Mystery: These names are often associated with the unknown and the untamed.
  • Power: These names are often seen as a symbol of strength and resilience.

Are you ready to find the right Arabic name meaning ocean?

Then let’s get started!

5 Arabic Baby Names for Ocean: Perfect for Your Little Mermaid

Alwan (الوان) – Colors, symbolizing the various shades and hues of the ocean

Alwan signifies “Colors,” beautifully symbolizing the myriad of shades and hues that adorn the ocean’s vast canvas, just like the mesmerizing play of colors in the sea.

Bahi (باهي) – Splendid, magnificent, or beautiful like the ocean’s expanse

Bahi is a name of sheer brilliance, echoing the magnificence and splendor of the ocean’s expansive beauty, leaving us in awe of its grandeur.

Bahira (باهرة) – Dazzling, bright, or shining like the surface of the ocean

Bahira is a dazzling and radiant name, much like the sparkling surface of the ocean, reflecting the sun’s shimmering rays.

Bahr (بحر) – Ocean, sea, or large body of water

Bahr simply means “Ocean,” “sea,” or “large body of water,” encapsulating the essence of the vast and profound oceanic depths.

Darya (دريا) – Ocean or sea, often used poetically in Arabic literature

Darya is a poetic and soulful name, often used to refer to the “Ocean” or “sea” in Arabic literature, evoking a sense of profound beauty and grace.

Hawraa (هوراء) – Coral, which is often found in ocean waters

Hawraa is a delicate and enchanting name that represents “Coral,” a precious and colorful gem found in the depths of the ocean’s serene waters.

Maahi (ماهي) – Derived from “Ma’a,” meaning water, associated with the ocean’s vastness

Maahi is derived from “Ma’a,” meaning “water,” and is beautifully associated with the ocean’s vastness and majesty, like a reflection of the sea’s boundless expanse.

Qamar al-Bahr (قمر البحر) – Moon of the sea, suggesting the reflection of the moon on the ocean’s surface

Qamar al-Bahr, or “Moon of the sea,” paints a poetic and dreamy picture of the moon’s reflection shimmering on the calm surface of the ocean, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Riyah (رياح) – Wind, representing the ocean’s natural element

Riyah means “Wind,” representing the ocean’s natural element, where the gentle breeze carries the essence of the sea and brings a sense of tranquility and freedom.

Sahil (ساحل) – Coast or shore, the border where land meets the ocean

Sahil signifies the “Coast” or “shore,” a serene border where the land meets the vastness of the ocean, creating a harmonious and captivating union of two worlds.

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