50 Arabic Names That Mean Kindness

50 Arabic Names That Mean Kindness

Looking for Names that Inspire Compassion? Check Out These Arabic Names That Mean Kindness!

Assalamu Alaikum, dear Muslim Arabic parents! We are absolutely delighted to have you here, embarking on a beautiful journey of naming your precious bundle of joy. As parents, we understand that choosing the perfect name for your child is a cherished moment filled with hopes and dreams for their future. That’s why we’ve carefully curated this special collection of 50 Arabic names that exude the essence of kindness.

In the rich tapestry of Islamic culture, kindness is not just a virtue but a way of life. It is the thread that binds our hearts and souls together in love and compassion. These names have been lovingly selected to reflect the gentle and nurturing nature that you wish to instill in your child, in alignment with our beautiful faith. Each name on this list carries a profound meaning, encompassing the warmth and generosity that resonates deeply with the principles of Islam.

Arabic Names That Mean Kindness

We hope that as you explore these meaningful names, you will find the perfect one that speaks to your heart and aligns with your vision for your little one’s character. May the names in this collection inspire a lifetime of kindness, love, and benevolence, as your child grows to be a source of goodness in the world. So, take your time, savor the journey, and let the names lead you to the one that feels like a true reflection of your love and faith. May Allah bless your path and grant you the wisdom to choose a name that brings joy and goodness to your family. 🤲💖

Discover These 50 Arabic Names That Mean Kindness

Name (English)Name (Arabic)Meaning
KarimكريمGenerous or kind-hearted.
RahimرحيمMerciful or compassionate.
SaalimسالمPeaceful or kind-hearted.
JameelجميلBeautiful or kind.
LatifلطيفGentle or kind-hearted.
HameedحميدPraiseworthy or kind.
BashirبشيرBringer of good news or kind-hearted.
NadimنديمFriend or kind companion.
HayyحيAlive or kind-hearted.
RaufرؤوفKind or compassionate.
KhayyirخيرGood or kind-hearted.
LateefahلطيفةGentle or kind-hearted (feminine form of Latif).
SaadiaسعديةLucky or kind-hearted (feminine form of Saad).
WadoodودودLoving or kind-hearted.
NaseemنسيمBreeze or kind-hearted.
ShafeeqشفيقCompassionate or kind-hearted.
MunirمنيرRadiant or kind-hearted.
QayyimقيمUpright or kind-hearted.
RafiqرفيقCompanion or kind-hearted.
SalimahسليمةPeaceful or kind-hearted (feminine form of Salim).
HamdahحمدةPraiseworthy or kind-hearted (feminine form of Hamid).
HameedaحميدةPraiseworthy or kind-hearted (feminine form of Hameed).
AzeezahعزيزةBeloved or kind-hearted (feminine form of Azeez).
NadirنادرRare or kind-hearted.
ShafiqahشفيقةCompassionate or kind-hearted (feminine form of Shafeeq).
NasimahنسيمةBreeze or kind-hearted (feminine form of Naseem).
SamiaساميةSublime or kind-hearted (feminine form of Sami).
LatifaلطيفةGentle or kind-hearted (feminine form of Latif).
KareemahكريمةGenerous or kind-hearted (feminine form of Karim).
HameedahحميدةPraiseworthy or kind-hearted (feminine form of Hameed).
RahimaرحيمةMerciful or kind-hearted (feminine form of Rahim).
RaoufرؤوفKind or compassionate (alternate form of Rauf).
NajmنجمStar or kind-hearted.
SahibصاحبFriend or kind-hearted.
JameelahجميلةBeautiful or kind-hearted (feminine form of Jameel).
ShahidaشاهدةWitness or kind-hearted (feminine form of Shahid).
SadiqahصادقةTruthful or kind-hearted (feminine form of Sadiq).
AzeemahعظيمةGreat or kind-hearted (feminine form of Azeem).
KhalidahخالدةEternal or kind-hearted (feminine form of Khalid).
WafiyyahوفيةLoyal or kind-hearted (feminine form of Wafi).
BarirahبريرةPious or kind-hearted.
KareemaكريمةGenerous or kind-hearted (alternate form of Kareemah).
NaimahنعيمةComfort or kind-hearted (feminine form of Naim).
RafeeqahرفيقةCompanion or kind-hearted (feminine form of Rafeeq).
NasimaنسيمةBreeze or kind-hearted (alternate form of Nasimah).
ShafiaشفيعةIntercessor or kind-hearted (feminine form of Shafeeq).
NadirahنادرةRare or kind-hearted (feminine form of Nadir).
NadiyahناديةCaller or kind-hearted (feminine form of Nadim).
RaufahرؤوفةKind or compassionate (alternate form of Rauf).
RashidaرشيدةWise or kind-hearted (feminine form of Rashid).

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